About Us

Engineered to cool

Krenz & Company is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and engineering of transformer cooling fans. With a specific dedication to the needs of the transformer industry, our fans are designed for superior performance and durability and have become the gold standard in transformer fans.

Our leadership position is earned through 80+ years of relentless research, development and testing of transformer cooling fans and components. Because we manufacture in house with components built to our proprietary specifications, we can maintain rigid tolerances and standards to ensure consistent high quality and long-lasting durability. Every fan we make is over-engineered to withstand the unique demands of the transformer industry and is backed by industry-leading customer service.

Krenz & Company is proud to bring our decades of experience and expertise to help solve the challenges facing our industry. With the innovating minds and experience of our team, you can count on Krenz & Company to stay on the cutting edge and provide the world’s best transformer cooling fans.