Fan Model F16
Transformer Cooling Fans

RPM CFM(1) dBA(2)
850 2200 52.1
1140 2900 58.9
1750 4500 68.2

(1) Actual Airflow in CFM as measured with Horizontal Airflow on discharge side of one 15” deep transformer radiator.

(2) Nominal Sound Pressure values expressed are determined from Sound Power measurements performed in accordance with AMCA 300-08 and are based on a 2 meter measurement distance.

  • Efficiently designed venturi type housing that fits nicely on the bottom of 15” deep radiators.
  • Venturi type housing provides for directed airflow and higher static pressures over basket type fans.
  • Perfect for deeper banks of smaller radiators that can effectively utilize the directed airflow and higher static pressure developed.
  • Durable cast aluminum fan blade.
  • Hot dip galvanized guards with OSHA spacing.
Fan Model F16 Fan Model F16 Drawing

Fan Model F16 - 60 Hertz Data

NOTE: All fans are suitable for operation at +/- 10% of nameplate voltage.
Fan performance data shown is typical data therefore specific fan performance may vary.