Storage & Exercise Guidelines

Krenz & Company fans are designed and built for outdoor use, certain conditions beyond our control can be detrimental to the fan. It is advisable to inspect the fans immediately after receiving the shipment so as to notify the factory of any shipping damage. 

All Krenz & Company fans are built per order to ensure the newest fans are sent to our customers in the best possible condition. Each fan must pass our vibration tests as well as operational tests prior to being shipped to the customer. In order to prevent any storage damage Krenz & Company prefers the fans to be installed and energized as soon as possible; the longer the fans are in storage the more susceptible they become to damage.

Please note that these instructions are intended as guidelines only and Krenz & Company will not be held responsible due to improper storage, operation, or situations beyond our control. All Krenz & Company fans should be energized in a timely manner upon receipt, but we understand that this is not always possible and therefore offer these guidelines in an effort to help prevent premature motor and fan damage.

Please use the following guidelines to help protect the fan from damage.

  1. The fans can only be shipped, stored, and used in the orientations listed on the inspection tag included with each fan. Never plug all four drain holes or cover the L-Vent drain plugs.
  2. Whenever possible always store the fans in a dry climate controlled location with minimal temperature and humidity differences. Never store a fan outside or in wet conditions, in the fan carton, crate, or container that can absorb or accumulate water.
  3. During storage and extended shipping, never wrap a fan or fan carton, crate, or container in plastic. Plastic wrap does not breathe which can cause more humidity and condensation to occur.
  4. If the fans are to be exposed to any water spray or rain during storage ensure that the fans are not stored in any carton, container, or crate.    
  5. During extended storage, and periods of non-use after installation it is recommended to “exercise” the fans. Whenever possible the fans should be energized at least twice a month until the fans reach operating temperature (minimum of 1-2 hours).
  6. Do not allow any foreign matter to accumulate on the fan blades during shipping, storage, or operation as this can cause an imbalance in the blade. Krenz & Company fans are vibration tested prior to shipment, any change to the balance of the blades after shipment will change the performance of the fan and could possibly lead to damage of the fan itself.
  7. Never allow any part of the fan, fan motor, or fan carton, crate, or container to be submerged in water at any time.
  8. Fans stored or operated in highly corrosive environments may have a shorter life expectancy. Krenz & Company does offer upgrades to our standard products that provide greater protection against corrosive environments, contact the factory for details.