Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Krenz-Vent Transformer Cooling Fan/Motor. Where do I find the part number?

All motors will have a motor nameplate. On that nameplate, you will find various model/catalog/part numbers that are used to describe the motor only. The “part number” is Krenv-Vent part number for that motor.

The part number for the actual fan will be found on a separate silver sticker that is attached to the motor. This sticker will have the Krenz-Vent logo, fan model number, and serial number.

How do I order a fan or part?

We are pleased to provide pricing and availability via phone or email. However, all orders are required to be submitted in writing via fax, 262-255-2904 or email,

I’d like to pay with a credit card, but don’t want to e-mail my credit card information, how will you take my credit card information?

When submitting your order please provide your name and a phone number that we may use to contact you for credit card information. At the time of billing we will contact you directly to obtain the credit card information at which time we can enter your information directly into the computer with no need to send any information over e-mail.

My voltage is slightly different than what Krenz has listed, will this be OK?

Per NEMA regulations, all motors are designed to run at plus or minus 10% of the rated voltage.

Are Krenz-Vent fans suitable for 50hz operation?

Yes. All standard Krenz-Vent fans are designed for 50/60hz operation. Please note that all of the performance data listed on the website is for 60hz operation. For 50hz performance data, please contact that factory.

I want to install fans to my transformer, but do not have any fans on it currently. What do I need and how do I install it?

Please see our “Typical Installation” drawing. This shows all the components used in typical fan package mounted to the transformer. Please contact the factory if you need assistance in selecting which fan may be best for your application.

How do I mount the fans?

There are several mounting options available. Our most popular option is our Flush mount kit. These kits are used for putting the fan on the side of the radiator and can be used with any fan model. Our header mount kits are fan specific and are used for vertical mounting of the fans by attaching the fan to the header pipe of the radiator. Additional specialty mounting kits are available on the Parts & Accessories page.

I have an older fan that is failing and I want to replace it, but the fan is no longer manufactured. How do I cross reference my fan to a new Krenz-Vent Transformer Cooling Fan?

Due to our extensive on-site testing facilities and experience, we can often recommend a Krenz-Vent equivalent. Please provide us a picture of the fan assembly, the fan manufacturer’s model number, diameter of the fan blade, and fan operating power supply.

I have a fan for a specific environment, but am unable to find a good fit from your standard product line, do you offer fans for different environments?

In addition to our standard product line we offer an extensive list of modifications that can be applied to our fans. We have built custom fans for highly corrosive environments, sound sensitive environments, special applications, etc. Please contact us with your requirements and specify the type of environment you need (marine, acidic, corrosive, ISO 12944 environment requirements, etc…).

What is the difference between the F26D fan line and the new F26X fan line?

For the 850 RPM fans there is no difference between the F26D and F26X fan line. For the 1140 RPM fans there is a significant sound reduction of 1.5 dBA for the new F26X fan line; airflow, physical size, and electrical performance remain the same between the F26D and F26X line. F26X fans are designed to replace F26D fans. F26D fans will eventually be phased out.

I want a fan with a service factor, but notice yours are only 1.0 service factor.

All Krenz & Company Transformer cooling fans are provided with a 1.0 service factor as standard as the motors are specifically designed for this application. Through our extensive testing, and control of the motor design, we are able to apply service factors to the majority of our fans. Please contact the factory for details and specific fan model numbers.

I have an application voltage of 600 volts but see you only have up to 575 volts.

Due to NEMA regulations, we are not able to nameplate at 600 volts. Please note that we have performed extensive testing on our 575V fans to ensure proper operation at 600 volts.