Fully Engineered Fans Make A Difference

Krenz & Company, Inc has been in business since 1931, successfully serving the transformer industry for many years. Krenz & Company, Inc understands the high value of a transformer; therefore we design and test our fans to ensure many years of exceptional reliability and performance. All Krenz & Company, Inc transformer cooling fans are designed specifically by us for use on power transformers, our fans are not an adaptation of fans used in other markets or fans sourced from other manufacturers. Furthermore we engineer, test, and manufacture what we sell instead of assembling off the shelf components from several different suppliers. All components used in a Krenz & Company, Inc transformer cooling fan are engineered specifically for our fans and are proprietary to our design.

Krenz & Company, Inc standard transformer cooling fans use a very robust designed cast aluminum fan blade that will not fatigue over time and can stand the test of time in an industrial environment. Our fan blades have superior airflow and sound performance over fabricated and bolt together designs. Each fan blade is securely affixed to the motor shaft with no bolts to loosen which can cause the blade to fall apart. In addition each blade design has been used extensively for many years in the transformer industry without failure. All of our standard cast aluminum fan blades are cast in permanent mold tooling from our blade designs. While our standard is cast aluminum fan blades we also offer Stainless Steel fan blades for special applications if so desired. We do not offer fan blades with plastic or composite materials as we feel they are not durable enough for long term use.

Krenz & Company, Inc standard transformer cooling fan motors are designed and built to our specifications and are used exclusively for transformer cooling service. Our motors have constantly evolved throughout the many years of use to provide the most robust design available, please see the current list of features below that helps to set our motors out and above other competitors:

  • Each motor is equipped with a 416 Stainless Steel motor shaft to prevent corrosion.
  • A spring load shaft seal is standard to prevent moisture from entering the motor through the shaft opening.
  • The motor frame is precision machined to ensure a tight concentric fit to further prevent moisture entry.
  • All motors are TENV rated for outdoor use with our L-Vent condensation drains that allows for orientation in Horizontal airflow, Vertical Shaft Up airflow, or Vertical Shaft Down airflow. Condensation drains are pertinent to the operation of a fan motor as they allow any normal internal condensation buildup to drain. Failure to allow this condensation to drain will result in premature damage to the motor bearings.
  • Every motor we sell is equipped with fully sealed ball bearings to protect the bearings from moisture and other contaminants.
  • Each bearing is pre-lubricated for life to prevent any future maintenance requirements.
  • Our motors are built with Class F insulation; however the fan design results in a temperature rise that does not exceed Class B limits. This design feature allows for cooler operating temperatures resulting in longer insulation life.
  • Each motor is designed and extensively tested for use on our transformer cooling fans. Because we overbuild our motors, service factors greater than 1.0 are available on most models.
  • Each motor is built for robust industrial use with cast aluminum end bells, and rolled steel frame. No plastics are used on the exterior of our motors.
  • Our motor coating is a four step proprietary coating process that has been tested to survive 700+ hours of Salt Spray testing per ASTM B117-07A and ASTM D1654-05 procedure A, method 1. While our standard color finish is ANSI 70 Gray we have the equipment and processes to paint any custom color desired. We also offer more extensive final coats such as Epoxy Paint and Aliphatic Urethane.
  • Our single phase motors are permanent split capacitor designs without the need for cumbersome centrifugal starting switches that can wear out.
  • Every standard motor is designed and tested for operation with our fans in ambient temperatures up to 55ºC.
  • Three phase motors are available in IP-54, IP-55, and IP-65 configurations. Single phase motors are available in IP-54 and IP-55 configurations with IP-65 testing currently in progress. All IP certification testing for Krenz & Company, Inc motors was performed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).
  • Motors suitable for use in Hazardous/Explosion rated environments are available with our line of Hazardous Duty transformer cooling fans.
  • Customization of our motors is available upon request; please feel free to contact us with your requirements and one of our Engineers would be glad to assist you in selecting the proper design.

Krenz & Company, Inc fan guards are built with heavy duty 3/8” wire ribs and feet, and 10 gauge wire rings and spirals. Each guard is designed and built per OSHA 1910.212 paragraph 5 requirements which dictate no opening greater than ½”. Our standard guard designs are manufactured in house to our stringent ISO quality requirements; we are not subject to availability from an outside vendor. Finally each fan guard is Hot Dipped Galvanized per ASTM A123 as a minimum to provide many years of protection in even the toughest industrial environments. We also have 304 S.S. fan guards available if further protection is required.

Every Krenz & Company, Inc transformer cooling fan is built per order at our factory in Germantown, WI from our extensive inventory of components to provide for the shortest lead time possible with the newest parts available. Completed fan assemblies are not built ahead of time nor stocked for shipment to prevent aged assemblies from being sent to our customers. Additionally neither our fans, nor the components utilized to assemble our fans, are procured from overseas manufacturers with extended lead times. Prior to shipment each fan assembly must pass our extensive testing for vibration and motor performance.

In addition to our extensive product line of transformer cooling fans we also offer a complete line of complementary components to assist in mounting, electrical connections, and control of our cooling fans. Our standard mounting options are available in hot dip galvanized, plated, or stainless steel configurations with custom options available if desired. Our in stock cord and plug electrical connections are available with heavy duty 14 gauge wiring as standard and any configuration desired of male plug and cord/female receptacle or male receptacle/female plug and cord; custom lengths of any option is available by request. In addition we are able to offer flexible conduit and straight cord with no connections if so desired, all in 14 gauge wiring as standard in any length desired. Finally our fan controls are available for all of our fans in both single and two stage options and work in conjunction with our top oil thermometer for automatic control of the fan based on transformer oil temperature. As with our fans any custom option is available for any of our accessory products, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

We have an extensive Engineering test laboratory staffed by full time Engineers that is located in house at Krenz & Company, Inc which allows us to test the proper airflow, sound, and electrical performance of any fan. Our tests are not performed on just the fan blade or motor as a separate unit, but as a completed fan assembly with full guarding to ensure the most real world results. We have a complete AMCA airflow chamber and AMCA reverberant sound room that allows us to perform direct comparisons of fan assemblies in house.

Krenz & Company, Inc is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company with an extensive and strict quality regiment to ensure that we build our fans to the highest quality. We have many years of experience in the transformer industry that allows us to provide what we feel is the best product available. Every fan is manufactured and assembled from our extensive inventory of components in our factory in Germantown, WI and is available for shipment all over the country.

Please feel free to contact us for any requirements now and in the future. We look forward to doing business with you.